Wednesday, March 7, 2012

HB Passes!

Well it looks like our bill passed but with some stinky changes.  Hopefully the Senate will clean it up a bit and we'll be in business.  I got a nice note from the powers that be at TCC in Tulsa.  Thanks to our Governor, Mary Fallin, We will get to be fully smoke free at the college.  They were moving in that direction already but it will be nice to not have to walk through the smoking section to get into the building.  I am sorry, though for those many people who were scammed by the tobacco industry to begin with who will now be preoccupied and wanting a cigarette w no relief between classes.  Hopefully this action can move to help them quit.

On another Clean Air note, my son, Jesse Aycock ( who is a big part of the reason I started this campaign in the first place) is recording a new album w band members from the Chris Robinson Brotherhood who he is flying in to Tulsa for a couple week recording session.  If you would like to be a part of the project please check out our kickstarter site : kickstarter

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